Our mattress ranges are large enough to suite all preferences. All mattresses are described by our firmness rating from soft all the way to an extra firm feel. With all types of fillings from foams to natural fillings, you can be sure to find one that's just right for you.

Eco Mattress
Belfast Beds Eco Mattress RRP £119.00 from£79.00
Eco Plus Mattress
Belfast Beds Eco Plus Mattress RRP £139.00 from£99.00
Devon Mattress
Belfast Beds Devon Mattress RRP £159.00 from£109.00
Gold Label Mattress
Belfast Beds Gold Label Mattress RRP £159.00 from£109.00
Consul Mattress
Belfast Beds Consul Mattress RRP £189.00 from£129.00
Eco-Flex (15cm)
Kayflex Eco-Flex (15cm) RRP £209.00 from£149.00
Organic Cotton Mattress
Belfast Beds Organic Cotton Mattress RRP £229.00 from£159.00
Dallas Ortho Mattress
Belfast Beds Dallas Ortho Mattress RRP £239.00 from£169.00
Ebony Mattress
Belfast Beds Ebony Mattress RRP £239.00 from£169.00
Bronze Flex 15 cm
Kayflex Bronze Flex 15 cm RRP £269.00 from£189.00
Consul Waterproof Mattress
Belfast Beds Consul Waterproof Mattress RRP £269.00 from£189.00
Special Ortho Mattress
Belfast Beds Special Ortho Mattress RRP £269.00 from£189.00
Kayflex AZTEC (ROLLED) RRP £309.00 from£219.00
Cotton Origins 6
Hypnos Cotton Origins 6 RRP £309.00 from£219.00
Comfort Coil Master Mattress
Belfast Beds Comfort Coil Master Mattress RRP £329.00 from£229.00
Eco-Flex (20cm)
Kayflex Eco-Flex (20cm) RRP £329.00 from£229.00
Oasis 1000 Mattress
Belfast Beds Oasis 1000 Mattress RRP £339.00 from£239.00
Pocket Reflex
Kayflex Pocket Reflex RRP £339.00 from£239.00
Bronze Flex 20 cm
Kayflex Bronze Flex 20 cm RRP £359.00 from£249.00
Comfort Pure 650
Relyon Comfort Pure 650 RRP £359.00 from£249.00
Pocket Plush
Kayflex Pocket Plush RRP £369.00 from£259.00