Divan Beds

A stylish storage solution takes the form of the divan bed. Simply pull the integrated drawers from the base to uncover the perfect place to store shoes, clothes and seasonal bedding. Their divan beds are available in a range of styles and sizes, including single, double and king size, so you'll be sure to find one to suit your bedroom.

Eco Set
Belfast Beds Eco Set from£149.00
Gold Label Set
Belfast Beds Gold Label Set from£169.00
Devon Set
Belfast Beds Devon Set from£189.00
Eco Plus Set
Belfast Beds Eco Plus Set from£189.00
Consul Set
Belfast Beds Consul Set from£199.00
Orthopine Set
Belfast Beds Orthopine Set from£249.00
Organic Cotton Set
Belfast Beds Organic Cotton Set from£279.00
Dallas Ortho Set
Belfast Beds Dallas Ortho Set from£289.00
Comfort Coil Master Set
Belfast Beds Comfort Coil Master Set from£339.00
Special Ortho Set
Belfast Beds Special Ortho Set from£349.00
Comfort Pure 650
Relyon Comfort Pure 650 from£369.00
Memory Pocket Silver Set
Belfast Beds Memory Pocket Silver Set from£369.00
Nostromo 1400
Sealy Nostromo 1400 from£389.00
Ebony Set
Belfast Beds Ebony Set from£399.00
Aloe Vera 1200 Set
Belfast Beds Aloe Vera 1200 Set from£449.00
Comfort Pocket Master Set
Belfast Beds Comfort Pocket Master Set from£459.00
Oasis 1000 Set
Belfast Beds Oasis 1000 Set from£479.00
Comfort Pure 1000
Relyon Comfort Pure 1000 from£489.00
Orthofirm 800
Relyon Orthofirm 800 from£489.00
Pearl Memory
Sealy Pearl Memory from£499.00
Pearl Wool
Sealy Pearl Wool from£499.00