Adjustable Beds

The Freestyle Adjustable motorised sleep system combines convenient back-lift with a range of support options; simply select the mattress that provides the level of support and firmness that’s best for you and combine it with a smooth, quiet leg and back-lift mechanism for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Sandringham Memory
Health Beds Sandringham Memory from£969.00
Wool Supreme 1000
Health Beds Wool Supreme 1000 from£1,029.00
Wool De-Luxe 1500
Health Beds Wool De-Luxe 1500 from£1,149.00
Health Beds Postureflex from£1,159.00
Move Essential
Mammoth Move Essential from£1,349.00
Health Beds MemoryFlex-Matic from£1,419.00
Move Plus
Mammoth Move Plus from£1,679.00
Move Advanced
Mammoth Move Advanced from£1,709.00