Bed Frames

Once you've decided on the size of your new bed, your next step is to choose the right bed frame. When it comes to choosing a bed, there are many things to consider. Durability, size and storage space are top of many buyers’ lists. Design is just as important too, and with our large range of various frames you can find the ultimate choice to suit your room of choice.

Serene Underbed Frame
Showroom Clearance Serene Underbed Frame From£69.00
Regina Bed
Options In Stock Julian Bowen Regina Bed From£139.00 Was£199.00
Bentley Bed
Options In Stock Julian Bowen Bentley Bed From£149.00 Was£209.00
Tetras Bed
Options In Stock Birlea Tetras Bed From£149.00 Was£209.00
Berlin Bed
Birlea Berlin Bed From£159.00 Was£229.00
Dover Bed
Options In Stock Julian Bowen Dover Bed From£159.00 Was£229.00
Options In Stock Serene Liverpool From£159.00 Was£229.00
Rio Bed
Birlea Rio Bed From£159.00 Was£229.00
Ruby Bed
Options In Stock Julian Bowen Ruby Bed From£159.00 Was£229.00
Capricorn Bed Frame
Options In Stock Limelight Capricorn Bed Frame From£169.00 Was£239.00
Eco-Bed in a box
Flintshire Furniture Eco-Bed in a box From£169.00 Was£239.00
Emily Bed
Birlea Emily Bed From£169.00 Was£239.00
Eva Bed
Julian Bowen Eva Bed From£169.00 Was£239.00
Faro Bed
Options In Stock Birlea Faro Bed From£169.00 Was£239.00
Winnipeg Bed
Julian Bowen Winnipeg Bed From£169.00 Was£239.00
Atlas Bed
Birlea Atlas Bed From£179.00 Was£259.00
Denby Bed
Options In Stock Julian Bowen Denby Bed From£179.00 Was£259.00
Miami Bed
Birlea Miami Bed From£179.00 Was£259.00
Options In Stock Serene Dover From£189.00 Was£269.00
Denver Low End Bed
Options In Stock Birlea Denver Low End Bed From£199.00 Was£279.00
Nova Bed
Birlea Nova Bed From£199.00 Was£279.00